Lights of art, contemporary or from creation

 Limited edition or tailor made lights

Maelis is born from a meeting between Humans, passionate by light and matter, extremely experimented in their specialties and deeply creative. They are solicitous to fabricate their own products, the only way to excellence.

Our products are designed and manufactured in France.

luminaire soleil



From oil to gas, then electricity, lots of lights of our historical heritage have changed over time. Light is able to tell the history and to move towards the future. Maelis rehabilitates your light but we conserve its soul.



Because the spirit of a creation doesn’t suffer of a catalogue, and that the light magnifies the atmosphere, we create your highlight and your light at your request.

Turnkey projects

Project, creation, realization and funding, your lighting partner for your rehabilitation or new projects.

Made in Toulouse

From the conception to the packaging, all the steps of the fabrication are made in our workshop in Saint-Jean. Our partners who are craftsman are all located in Toulouse’s area.

savoir faire


Our team is multidisciplinary and extremely experimented. From the idea to the highlight, all the steps of your project are handled by a specialist in each sector.

la terre

The Earth

We love our Earth and we are working to protect its colors: reduction of consummation, recycling old materials, and fabrication of sustainable products are our commitment.

Great Address

Taur Hotel- Ibis Style Capitol


In Toulouse, stay at the place of the Capitol, the Hotel du Taur welcomes you warmly.

The highlight is adapted, a project entirely made by Maelis, where the brand has found the compromise between nobility and modernity.

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One place, one history…


Medieval city

In Quillan, Maelis highlights the city under the direction of ETI. Streets are magnified and the banks are enchanted.

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