First lighting of Notre Dame of Royan

First lighting of Notre Dame of Royan

First lighting of Notre Dame of Royan

Maelis realized the products used for the highlight of Notre Dame of Royan, the first tests validated beautiful and rare harmonies and a perfect match between the lighting of outdoor matter and the indoor stained glass.

A pure project Occitan! The highlight conception is made by ETI, a lighting conception agency in Toulouse. The lights have been manufactured in the Manufacture de France’s workshop for its brand MAELIS. Leds, which allow obtaining such specific tones, have been validated and assembled in Montauban.

The installation is made by Delestre Company

Notre Dame of Royan is considered as a masterpiece of post-war modern architecture. Imagined by Guillaume Gillet and Marc Hébrard, the church is realized in concrete after the total destruction of the city during the second war. The edifice has been built very quickly so the highlight had never been done before. But now, thanks to these rehabilitation works, we have rectified this.

New pictures are coming soon- Thank you to the Royan City for your trust in our brand

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