Saint-Alain of Lavaur Cathedral – Rewarder project

Saint-Alain of Lavaur Cathedral – Rewarder project

Following the final delivery of the site, the project was awarded the (Ex-aequo) prize for the ACEtylene 2018 interior lighting design. Congratulations to Lionel Bessière and his team who are once again seeing their creativity and their creativity. rewarded technique.

Here Maelis realized 4 custom-made suspensions which are the masterpieces of the interior lighting system imagined by Lionel Bessière, they incorporate several functions: direct lighting, vault lighting and wall friezes. The object is bright in itself since its interior is illuminated to bring out the cuts and the interior color.

The material used is aluminum, cutter, shaped and patinated by hand.

Project Owner: Lavaur Town Hall

Project manager : Quartiers Lumière (Lionel Bessière)
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