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Maelis histoire

Maelis is born from a meeting: between humans, passionate by light and matter, extremely experimented in their specialties and deeply creative. They are solicitous to fabricate their own products, the only way to excellence.

The brand finds it source in the art metalwork and the light concept.

The founders of the brand have worked on international reference projects, concerning the study of the light concept and the lights manufacturing. Some projects: Basilica of Saint-Sernin, Jacobins’ Covent, Garonne Hotel in Toulouse; the Arch of Triumph, the François Mitterrand Library, the Majunga Tower in Paris and finally the Agbar Tower signed by Jean Nouvel in Barcelona.

It is the shapes, the materials, the French handmade fabrication and the quality of light that make our lights what they are: unique and timeless pieces of a great beauty.

All of our products are manufactured and assembled manually in our workshop located in Toulouse.
Maelis is a brand of «La Manufacture de France sas».

Process :

All Maelis’s products have noble materials and are machined in the mass.

After their machining, all pieces are finely polished in our manufacture, before joining the surface treatment workshop.

These finishes, so beautiful, are composed by a base of few microns copper on which is applied a layer of precious metal, most of the time is gold, pure or slightly alloyed in order to obtain the wanted color.

Next, the assembly, realized exclusively in our workshop in Toulouse, by operators highly qualified and sensitized at the beauty of the object at which they give life: the light.

Electric tests punctuate the end of the creation. After, it’s the packaging and the delivery, which we realized with the utmost consideration.

Maelis’ lights are more than simple objects. Lighted, they radiate the love of their creators, the beauty of the matter and magnify interiors to create an experience which will stay forever wrote in memories.

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